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Nick Salzano Shares Narcos Review: Why People Considered it one of the best Netflix Series?

Narcos is the most intense original series from Netflix. It’s about a couple of DEA agents assigned to Colombia to work and bring Pablo Escobar to justice. And, while Pablo’s story begins on a high note, it closes on a shallow note.

Initially, Pablo Escobar’s origin from a drug courier to a big-time cocaine exporter is actually enjoyable. There’s 1980s style, fabulous parties, a bunch of hot affairs and snorts of weed. 

The DEA agents beat around impotently, reaching dead outcomes in each course of investigation because apparently everyone in Colombia, including police officers and children, are living on Pablo’s salary.

When Escobar understands he’ll nevermore get to be a congressman and rule Colombia, he turns cruel, and that’s where the table starts turning.

As his waist spreads, so does his fear, and he patronises being admired and valued for being cursed and frozen, with a range of attacks and abductions. 

And he’s not just in conflict with the policemen; he’s also challenging the other drug cartels. So you might be required to keep journals to recognise who’s cheating who and for what reason.

Escobar might also be the sort of deserving supervillain to whom we are rooting for if not for our basic information of how many assassinations he performed during his era. And to its reputation, Narcos never flings apart from the point that, despite its being a staged story of narcoterrorism in the 1980s with gratis sex exhibitions befitting any bonus TV airing, many thousand deceased during this time. 

The series often uses news footage to explain the Medellín cartel’s sufferers, including many leading members of Congress and magistrates. 

It’s here that the series displays a statement on the War on Drugs itself: the United States is involved in the emergence of Escobar, having neglected cocaine’s presence in the nation for ages. The cartel’s expanding business might not interest what drugs were doing to its towns, which eventually brought the US into the battle. 

And the conflict that erupted on for more than a 10-year term did little to control the drug’s interest — capital moving into public health administration and drug study was negligible by contrast.

Narcos Review 

Narcos is such a fabulous show that it’s difficult to describe just how good it is. Pedro Pascal and Wagner Moura lead a fantastic cast who absorb you right into the series. There have been many series about drug problems or mafias, but this is, without a dilemma, the most reliable. It is addicting once you start viewing and you get habitual to the subtitles quickly.

It’s fascinating; this’s how TV series should be created and delivered; I enjoyed the fast speed of the series from the opening till the end; I haven’t jumped anything or felt tired.

The narrative way of the series from the first antecedent adds another intensity to it.

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